Hi! My name is Céline. I am an embodiment facilitator and certified Yoga and Mindfulness meditation teacher (200 CYT) that uses a range of trauma-informed techniques to help people become more embodied. I am also a writer, researcher and teacher with a background in social justice activism. 

My aim is to help people resolve trauma held in their bodies, to help people that feel disconnected or dissociated to come home to themselves, and to make people with physical disabilities, chronic illnesses and ailments find freedom in their bodies.

My embodiment practice is born out of many years of yoga and dance (15+ years), as well long-term and ongoing work to resolve complex PTSD and trauma held in my own body. My work is rooted in trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness, and is inspired by teachers such as David Emerson, Elizabeth Hopper, and David Treleaven. I also incorporate somatic therapy techniques (grounded in Peter Levine, Staci Haines and others’ work) as well as breath work, Yin Yoga and a variety of yoga styles developed by many teachers including Donna Farhi, Judith Hanson Lasater, Sarah Powers and Anodea Judith.

I obtained my 200 hour certificate from Spiral Path Yoga under the guidance of Addie deHilster and Peggy Burt, and have additional experience and continuing education credits in Yin Yoga (27.5 CEU). I am working towards a specialization in Trauma-informed Yoga (currently at 30 CEU with

I also teach group yoga classes (Hatha 1-2, Chair Yoga and Restorative) in Idyllwild, CA to folks with varying degrees of physical ability. As someone with Multiple Sclerosis, I understand the complexity of navigating the world with a body that is more or less able any given day. As a result, I am very interested in working with sick folks, including people with movement disorders and other disabilities, to find a practice that is adjusted to your needs and abilities.

All Bodies Welcome! Let’s develop a practice together that feels safe and freeing to you and is adapted to your body!